Perspective and Volunteers

As we all know that many disasters bring many volunteers to help the survivors clean up what was home. Volunteers come in droves. They come to help the survivors.
Many volunteers are from church groups, and yet we need to be careful as what we bring to the disaster. The volunteer perspective is unique because of what they see. All of us has seen pictures of a disaster, but there is no justice done with pictures. Pictures only record an event and sometimes bring us to tears.
A volunteer who comes to serve. To serve joyfully from their heart and to be compassionate. They come to help the survivors recover their belongings — what is left of them that is. They see first hand what the survivors have gone through. They have come to serve they cities, but yet a servant’s attitude must also be carried over to those who are serving in other places, such as those working in a job.
Having worked retail, I saw humble volunteers but also volunteers with an attitude, “I came here to serve your city and this is the type of service I get?” It was a day with many customers at the desk. Doing my best to serve each one of them in a timely manner. Apparently it wasn’t good enough for her. The perspective of a volunteer also should be understanding, but we must remember our attitude is to be of Christ Jesus.
What is your perspective of a disaster zone?
How will your words be sweet honey to the survivors?
AS a volunteer how will you be light to the survivors?
What is your attitude toward those who are working but also are providing for their families?

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