Balanced Challenge Day 7 – Chores and Family

Balanced Tricia goyer

Interestingly enough, we did not have to sit down and have a family meeting. My husband knew I did need help with the housework. He knew sometimes it was way to much for me. He knew it can overwhelm me. My stepdaughter included.

My husband decided to begin helping me by either starting a load of laundry and/or doing the kitchen. These are the two areas I struggle to keep up with especially during the middle of the week when I am busy with BSF leadership and teaching. He helps me this way and it is a blessing.

Now my stepdaughter has taken upon herself to begin cleaning her room on Sunday evening — her choice and doing her own laundry. That helps me tremendously. It helps in ways that I cannot express in words. Helps her take responsibility. She will slowly be stepping up in the kitchen too.

Now it may seem like this is very little help but in my case it is a whole lot of help. It helps me in such a way that there is a blessing to the entire family. They both know the responsibilities, and that doing these helps and blesses me.


2 responses to “Balanced Challenge Day 7 – Chores and Family

    • Me too. It came through my husband seeing how I needed help, and sometime me just getting frustrated about somethings. He knew he had to step up and do something. So grateful he did.

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