Balanced Challenge Day 5 | Activities and Priorities Scheduled

Balanced Tricia goyer

Scheduling activites/blogging/BSF leadership needs. This is Spring break for the local schools and yet it will be less strenous than most. I will intergrate them into my day.

First priority to schedule is Bible Study Fellowship is something that is a must. I usually do this around 8:30ish to 11ish depending on the day.

Monday —
8:30-12 noon working on BSF with doing laundry switched, folded and placed in right rooms if plausible.
1pm -5 pm finish adult lesson, prepare for next day and get something ready for dinner

8:30-12 finish up children’s lesson
1-5 finish chores and print anything I need
* This will change due to stepdaughter’s schedule and her afternoon activities. It includes the regular school year and summer.

7:30-11:30am BSF leaders meeting
12 noon — lunch
1pm-5pm prepare for Thursday class day, read notes,read over story and record it, write questions and hymn intros, look up scripture for both notes and lesson

8am-11:15ish — schedule will sometimes vary, prepare room, teach Bible Story, Hymn, Quiet and
12 noon – this will vary because of certain times will have lunch @ church,
1pm-5pm — listen to lecture, rest and read books, sometimes I load dishes in the dishwasher or a light chore
* This will change during the school year and the summer for stepdaughter’s school and after school activites

7:30-8:30 fool around and wake up (need this one for certain on Friday)
8:30 -12 noon work on BSF lesson beginning with day one.
12 noon — break/lunch with hubby
1pm-5pm — work on sporatic chores around the house/begin work on children’s lesson

Saturday = family day
Spend time with each other as a family. If stepdaughter is with us, I put BSF aside unless she has something going on. We will go do something as a family. Now if it is my husband and I we will usually rest and relax and I can get some BSF done.

Sunday –
The time we get to church will vary depending on when my husband plays and if he has to be there early. Sometimes we can go together as a family. We also are able to enjoy our afternoons by either taking a nap or just resting. Also we attend life group.

This is a condensed version of what God has given me in order for me to have time with my family and date weekends with my husband. I am thankful that God started helping me with my family and to glorify him in the process. It can get hectic with a teen but God has given me ways to relax and enjoy myself for everything.

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