Five Minute Friday — Crowd



Today is five minute Friday at Lisa Jo Baker and it is where we all gather and write on one word for five minutes straight. We do not do grammar checks, spell checks etc…we write from  our hearts. We will then go and encourage fellow bloggers with their writing.

Today’s Word is Crowd. 

Crowd, what do we think of when we see the word crowd. I found it interestingly enough mentioned 137 times in the NIV. Each time it was with several different types of crowds. Jesus was the one who had the most crowds drawn to him, including his enemies. They were always wanting or trying to trap him. In fact, they wanted to be right and Jesus to be wrong. Yet how can you be right over someone who is the Creator of the World, and both God and man at the same time? Unfortunately we cannot. He is the one who knew His word and the Words he gave to them. (This is in reference to Matthew 23). Yet he never failed to draw the crowd to those whose lives he would save for dying for them. He is both God and Man. The Temple Leaders may not see it along with others in today’s Society. He wants a repentant heart from everyone but everyone gets a choice. He taught the people The Truth, because He is the Way, The Truth and the Life. Even when feeding the People, He is the Bread of Life.

Crowd, How can you reach out to a survivor who has gone through something so hard and yet so horrible. Jesus admist everything, even when teaching His disciples had the crowd trailing along with Him several times (Matthew mentions this several Times). There were times he was tired and there were (stop) times he needed a break from the crowd because he was so sought after.

Back to the Survivor bit, crowds are fine with most but then there are some who are struggling with it all, and they do not want to be around the crowd. They want to be alone. Remember they need their space, just like Jesus needs His space.

How will you help others who do not like large crowds to slowly get re involved with friends?

What will you pray for them?

How will you pray for them?

Who will you bring them to? How will God bring you to bring them where they need to be?

Who will you be like the crowd around Jesus or the Temple Leaders?

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4 responses to “Five Minute Friday — Crowd

  1. I came to a similar conclusion…crowds are not that great sometimes. And really interesting about the crowds in the Bible. Thanks for sharing!

    (Finally catching up with you from fmf last week)

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