Balanced Challenge Day #4

Balanced Tricia goyer

God’s Word and listening to Him is vital to me being home. He guides my husband and I to make wise choices and everything.

I normally wake up 7:30ish and fool around until I am awake, and ready to digest His Word, and to consume it. Sometimes he reveals to me where I need work in my life and other times different areas.
He has called me to be a Bible Study Fellowship Children’s leader so I can spread his Word in order to eradicate Biblical poverty. I am also called to teach 2’s at my church, and again I am eradicating Biblical poverty.

I am called to be a stepmother to a child that is not mine. So many times I love her and want the best for her. I am also called to be a witness to her and pray for her to come to saving faith in Jesus Christ. This will entail me to be praying for her more and more. I pray also for her choices to be God honoring in what she does.

I am called to be a wife who serves her family when they may not know where I have served them. Sometimes it is through the laundry or doing the dishes. Sometimes just tackling these chores due to the amount of what we have just go can be overwhelming, but getting it done and for me to have a reward such as reading will help me with the task.

Balancing everything is hard especially when you love to write and such, sometimes if I get all this done I can work on blogging. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t. There are times I can get several things out but other times you might as well forget it.

Last but not least, I love reaching out to others through this blog. This blog originally started for the purposes of reaching out to tornado/disaster survivors, and God is turning this into his glory not mine because other things he wants on it are coming into the blog.

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