Balanced Challenge Day #3 — Getting Kids Involved

Balanced Tricia goyer

Sometimes getting my stepdaughter involved can get interesting. She benefits in so many aspects because one of these days, she gets to help me with ideas, be my distraction when I need it. Yet travelling to places in our area is a blessing. She wants to enjoy life. She is the fun side to my seriousness. Along with her daddy (my husband) they make me laugh.

My work from home involves me in Bible Study Fellowship, and they help me to slow down on the days she is here.Grace and Survivors She wants me to rest and relax from doing it constantly. The only day I work nonstop on BSF is on Wednesday when I get ready for class day and then I sometimes relax and read or I watch tv.

Also I blog about the EF5 Tornado that swept through Joplin and so as you can see by the title. It is where I have information about the tornado and to help others going through a disaster but it is meant for everyone who has gone through a disaster. It is interestingly enough she had been in the tornado zone that night but yet one of these days she may be able to tell me what she felt that night in May. Sometimes it may take longer in getting them involved. She has to come to terms. She may not have lost anything it but she had to deal with it and see things she couldn’t comprehend.

Getting kids involved is one thing we need to do and what helps our families survive, and yet it may take time to.

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