Balanced Challenge Day #2 | Cleaning and Work

Balanced Tricia goyer

Oh, boy. It is time to clean the kitchen. For me cleaning the kitchen is making sure everything is rinsed off or hand wash what needs to be handwashed. Now laundry on the other hand is sometimes I get done early on Saturday or it is done either on Monday or Tuesday. When I am cleaning I do it in between

my Bible Study and the chores I do. Yet when family is home my husband steps in and helps me. He has helped me when I haven’t felt good or when my day is overloaded. He helps. Yet they benefit so much from me being home, there is just so much I could list but I do not know where to begin.

1. I get a quiet time and time to myself.

2. I am able to do my laundry and get stuff done.

3. Quiet time and prayer is much more easier in the house. Just need to tweak a few things.

Here is my pictures of the  laundry. Laundry2
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