Balanced Challenge Day #1 | Balancing and Priorities

Balanced Tricia goyer

Balancing working home and family can be very very difficult. We stuggle with the simplest things. Struggle getting everything done. Struggling with just getting things done. Sometime prioritizing them is something we need to do. Sometimes it might help to do somethings. Being a stay at home wife has enable me to do this challenge, launch teams, BSF leadership, BSF, family activities and many other things.

Today I remember that I would need to prioritize. This is what I have come up with the following:

1. Quiet Time with God, including prayer time. This involves many things including my Bible Study Fellowship leadership and to have it all done by the time they arrive home (my husband and stepdaughter). Sometimes it takes me using a part of my BSF in childrearing.

2. Chores. Oh the chores we have in the home to take care of. I normally integrate them as something for me to get up while I sit in a chair while I am reading or doing something else. Sometimes the dog inadverdantly loves getting poptarts. He loves trying to get items that he cannot have and attack whatever I am using to keep him safe (aka a stick or the vacuum) in which he helps me clean.

3. Family Life. Is where we put aside our electronic items and talk sometimes we do have the tv on or we will go somewhere special such as SDC or Springfield.

4. Extracurricular activities. We are a house of unique individuals made by God, so we have different talents. We do all have played or are playing an instruments. I love to read like you would not believe. Stepdaughter loves to play her clarinet, and enjoy times with friends. My husband plays bass guitar and loves several tv shows, and one day he will join BSF.

This is part of Tricia Goyers Balanced Challenege. Linking up to her site @


2 responses to “Balanced Challenge Day #1 | Balancing and Priorities

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I have to jump ahead the next few days so I could get the ready to post…

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