Survivors and Their Stories

The survivors and their stories will always vary. It will depend on where they were. Why they were there. How they got to be where they are today. Many may not realize that everyone can learn from each type of disaster. The Survivors know how hard the recovery phase it and the long road to recovery.
The road to recovery as i have said it does vary for each survivor. It varies because the disaster is different from each perspective. Some may have not lost a loved one in the storm but a home, and vise versa. Some may have lost their home but are struggling to move forward. Some are moving forward with unexpected memories. The survivor may have guilt trips because they have survived but yet there are many things they feel bad about. This is not a time for pity me, but a time to grown stronger to tell the story that God wants you to tell.
Snow may seem like a hinderance to many but what if you need to slow down and trust God with the things he asks you to trust Him with. He want you to slow down and to get to know him further. He may also may have used the snow to so that you can see his creation draped in snow. The snow may have put a kink in your schedule but how do you look at it?
The stories of survivors have more hiccups that what many not realize. A snowfall is a hiccup in our schedule but a disaster is so much more a hiccup in the survivors life. Survivors stories have some unbelievable points in them. They will yes blow your socks off. They have stories of angels coming to rescue them. There are stories of grief loneliness struggles and exhustation and such. There is one thing that anyone must not underestimate their stories. There are insights to heed and to understand quickly how it can change.
The times you ignore the survivors and their stories is like putting them on hold on the phone and never picking up again. Ignoring the stories is not gleaning the wisdom they have received and understood from where they are coming from. Listening is important to a survivor.  
 What are you willing do to help the survivors?
What are you willing to listen to?
What Has God Laid on your heart to listen to the stories?

One response to “Survivors and Their Stories

  1. Wow, I love the perspective you give–even a storm in life affords us an opportunity to slow down and see God, and an opportunity to hear His angel stories. Perspective changes everything. And thanks for reminding us how imortant it is just to…listen. Not doing so is “like putting them on hold on the phone and never picking up again.” Wow. Love that! 🙂

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