This winter of 2013-2014 has brought a lot of snow to this area. It was not like this a few years ago either. The drought brought very mild winters to the area. And it took a few years to get back to this point.

I am very thankful for the snow but I am refusing to complain about it. I know that many have been frustrated with the snow days but this may be a time where mothers are able to spend time with their children.

A fresh layer of snow reminds me of the white raiment placed upon us after we accept JEsus as our Saviour and Lord. We are clean in front of God because of JEsus’ blood is upon us. He cleanses us to be pure and holy before the Lord.

Snow also gets the ground ready for planting this upcoming year. Preparing for the plants to spring up. The ground will then burst forth with living colour. New does. New bucks. New everything including bugs. Everything is to be made new. Snow as troublesome as it is — let this allow us to get things done inside that need to get done. Sometimes you need to get things done around the house and such.

Will you allow the snow to give you rest?

Will you take the snow days and to spend time with your children?

What is something special that you would love to do on a snow day with your children?

What special things would you love to teach your children?

Name one spiritual truth do you need to teach your children about Jesus using the snow.

Will you let God give you rest during this time?


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