God’s Word

The Word of God. The Sword. Peace in times of trouble. The Word of God is the stable most important thing in a survivors toolbox. It fills the heart and the health of a survivor. God’s Word is what refreshes our Soul.

The Word of God becomes the rock on which we stand. The rock that is everlasting. Where the water is everlasting and a refreshment for our souls. This keeps us on tract on the road to recovery. A road that be long in every aspect. The road may be bumpy in places or it may be smooth but it isn’t without the presence of God with you.

The Bible is what keeps us in tune with God. It tightens our relationship with him. He draws us closer and what His plans are for each of His children are. Quiet times after a disaster may seem very daunting but nonetheless remember it is during these times that it will be a blessing to you in the long run.

Now if you are having a hard time finding a Bible study to do, let me suggest a couple to you.

1. Good Morning Girls: http://www.goodmorninggirls.org — this is a special and unique way they have found to study the Bible. There are studies you can do individually, with your own friends, or online in one of their own facebook groups.

2. Bible Study Fellowship also known as BSF International – http://www.bsfinternational.org — it is an international/interdenominational Bible Study that focuses on one book/books of the Bible per year. Check the website to find classes near you.



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