Survivors, Work and Companies

It has been a long while since i have written about survivors and returning to work post-disaster. Yet this is an issue many companies need to realize that taking care of their employees is the best thing to do. There are some companies who take care of their employees and others that do not take care of their employees. Sometimes they refuse to help them or help them with minimum things they do or what is required of them.

Companies who do take care of their employees have special things they do for them. They have rooms to take a nap, or a place to get a massage. Yes, some have a place to get a coffee. They know what helps their workplace thrive and be healthy. Yes I believe some companies would bring in those in the mental health field to help the survivors of the company. They would be brought in to counsel those who need it. They do this because they care and want what is best for their employees.

Then there is the flip side of the companies who care are the ones who do not care for their employees. They give only what they minimally can, by what is set up by the government. They want the survivors to be ready and on their A game when they return. They assume that the survivors will be able to return to work ready to go hard no matter the task is at hand without realizing that sometimes they need to help them further in their recovery. They have people who only care for numbers and nothing else. They are more concerned about the company needs and not about what treatment they are giving their employees.

Two very drastic types of companies. Two drastic observations and yes some dreaming but yet these two scenarios can be just as true.

As believers we will give an account to God of what we have done and how we brought others to Christ along with many other things. Every CEO will have to give a report or account to how they used their gifts whether or not they are a Christian or not. God knows everything. He knows our hearts. He knows the motives. Yet the truth is what matters.

When a disaster strikes, whether or not they have cared for their employees many things are to be considered. You need to know whether or not you have every employee and are they safe. Health and mental health is next. What will you be willing to do to help your survivors get back to healthy from surviving a natural disaster?

What can your company do for survivors?

How will you help the survivors in your company?

What can you do as a company do for survivors and to help them recover faster?

What is more important?

A calm, renewed healed employee or a stressed out disaster employee?


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