When Everything Seems Frozen


There are Moments when it all stops. Everything is frozen in place. You are at a standstill and do not know where to begin. A Disaster is a time where towns need to be rebuilt, homes rebuilt and families are finally realizing that they are blessed to be together.

 For some survivors it takes months and even years of recovery from what happened. For their livelihood to be rebuilt. For families to be thankful for what they have and even in its most bittersweet moments. The moments you realize that everything is such a blessing. Life may change but this disaster has drawn you closer as a family. A disaster may have brought pain to a family is now bringing them joy. A city that has had one-third of it destroyed is now bigger and stronger than ever before.

There are moments of struggle but in the end every survivor is stronger. Everyone has gained strength during this time and hardship. God gives us this strength when we need it. No matter what He was there. He was with his children through these rough times. The new families and the new marriages that came out the disaster. Sometimes it does take families to go through a disaster to be closer than ever before.

Life may have changed drastically but in the long run it has helped them grown and trust in the One True God. Life may have struggles but yet in everything God has brought them through.

The life of a survivor will always be different from each other.  Different recovery times for each person. Different times of joy and yes times of tears.

What has God place on your heart to help the survivors?

Are you willing to pray for them?

Are you willing to say yes when God calls you to help the survivors?

What is God Telling you to do? Are you willing to be obedient?


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