Reflect and Survivors


Reflect — to look back upon. As a survivor myself looking back upon at my experience as a survivor who has been through a natural disaster.

It may have been a long road to look back upon now but now that I am further along in the recovery. The healing time especially during the first year but remember it may be a hard journey ahead. This journey is uniquely different than anyone elses’.

Please as you walk through your hard journey remember that you are not alone in everything that you go through. In this journey remember to keep your eyes on Christ for He is the one that cares for you.

I know that reflection times can be hard and cause some to tear up. Some survivors cannot look back on what happened without pain or even tears. They struggle with every part of their life from the after it hit to now. This includes the anniversary of the disaster.

It has been three years since the EF5 tornado that destroyed my hometown of Joplin. I remember going to the Walmart on 15th street (this Walmart was destroyed) and thinking “God you are amazing — thanking God for helping my hometown to come back from nothing.” I could still see the west side of town from the Walmart parking lot but one of these days I know I will not be able to see clear across town.

Reflection on what I have been brought through since the tornado is the blessing of being married to the one whom God ordained for me. For a home that is uniquely my own and a stepdaughter who is a special person made uniquely by God.

I have lost plenty but was very blessed in many things. I am married to my best friend, a stepmother, a home but most of all I have a saviour who has gone with me throughout the entire process.



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