Fight and Survivors

FMF- Fight

Often when we think of the word fight we think of a scuffle or something more severe. Yet many may not realise that survivors fight for many things. There are many things everyone is fighting for something.

Survivors fight to find a a temporary home.

Survivors fight to get the income they need. (Believe me I know and understand.)

Survivors fight for more than what you think.

Fighting is a human or carnal way to do things and yet God fights for his children. He fights before us and behind us. This is what our prayers warriors do for us. Fighting for their fellow believers and their own families.

Natural disaster survivors are believers know that their God goes before us and everything else. As a survivor myself, I love how God provided for me and fought for me. Life changed that evening of the 22nd of May. He fought for me everyday. He fought for me while I worked two hot summers at work (avge temperature was 110* + a day). He has been beside me ever since.

So the next time you see a survivor who has gone through a disaster. Pray for them. Fight for them in your prayers. Fight for the survivors at the job you work at — if they are your co-workers. Fight for help with their recovery.

Survivors you all have a chance to fight. Go to battle with the God of all things, and he will fight for you. Fight for those who are also are survivors. Let God fight throughout the time of recovery. Ask God to give you boldness for asking for help of yourself and other survivors through work. Hopefully you are able to have it provided for you.



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