Invite Five Minute Friday

To a is five minute Friday where many bloggers join together to write on a topic or subject that is given to us by Lisa Jo Baker of and then we set the timer for five minutes and write with no spell checks to no grammar checks plus we get to encourage other bloggers to on their take of the topic we are writing upon. Today topic is invite. What will you write about?

Now Go!

We invite others to Bible Studies, to church and to our small groups to church, but to we truly ever invite those who truly need the invite. How have you invited others who need to be reached out to? Do you invite others to your food pantry at church or store without a cashier? Many may not realise that survivors who have been through a lot also need to be invited to your church or healing group. We invite but while doing this we invest in our their lives. We invest so that we will be able to invite them into our church and life groups. Who will you invite to your Bible Studies and such? The ones who always get the invites or the (stop) ones who truly need the invite.

Being a survivor and being invited to certain things made me feel special but sometimes it was overwhelming all the invites I received. Yet it was blessings and such but remember that when inviting survivors to benefits to them remember they need to know that they are special and need to be sure they are not overcommitted to everything.

What will you do to invite others?

How will you invest in the invitees life?

What would Jesus be sure to invite?

The choice is yours.

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