Today’s Five Minute Friday: Encourage

Today’s It is Friday! Guess what that Means? Yes, today is the day bloggers write for five minutes and then go link up with Lisa Jo Baker @ to go and encourage other bloggers who are writing on the same prompt we are writing on this day. 

Encourage - Lisa Jo Baker - Five Minute Friday

We write with a timer set for five minutes, and begin and stop @ the timer’s ding. We then link our blog to Lisa Jo Baker and then go and encourage other bloggers. Yes, a few more things: We write what is from our heart with no grammar checks nor spelling. No matter what. 
Today’s Prompt is:


Ready Set Go! 

Encourage, means many things. Means to lift up others as they struggle through what they are going through. Many times it is difficult for a survivor to see what is ahead without the encouragement of others. I know we have seen many natural disasters in the states which means many survivors who have been through a lot. And yet there are many encouragers to get out there and help them. 

God’s Word in different translations have many different mentions of encourage:

NIV – New International Version encourage is mentions 23 times.

English Standard Version (ESV) Mentions Encourage 13 times.

King James Version (KJV) mentions Encourage 4 times. 

Yes 3 translations do not have the same amount of mentioning a certain word, but yet there are synonyms  for it.  Yet it is the same, the God’s (stop) True Word. 

Encourage others to continue on the race before us.

Encourage our children/stepchildren to make wise choices

Encourage our spouse through the difficult times ahead

Encourage the survivors to press on.

Encourage our church leaders and bible Leaders to keep pressing on, including those leaders who teach children. 

Who will you encourage today?

What will you do to help encourage others today?

What word of encouragement will you give to others?

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