See — Five Minute Friday

Today is Friday and yes it is five minute Friday where many bloggers get together and write for 5 minutes on a topic, without going back editing it, nor any thing else of that nature. We also travel to other blogs posted at to encourage other bloggers and yes to make them feel special.

Today’s Prompt is:




See. What do you see on some days? What does God want you to see through his word? Have you put on your spiritual glasses so you can see? 

Seeing is different through everyone’s eyes. We have different perceptions, different perspectives. Yet God’s Word is our true way of seeing things in this world. His Word guides us in everything we do. 


8 Taste and see that the Lord is good;
blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

We who read God’s Word on a daily basis know that he feeds our hunger, and that we see that he is good. Yet we are also blessed when we take refuge in him. 

As a survivor of an EF5 tornado, I remember in my quiet time very tired in the morning, and taking refuge in His word. I remember tasting and seeing how God was going to make things better. Sometimes Being in His word and seeing and tasting what he has for us blesses us beyond measure. It has helped in many numerous ways. Taking shelter (stop) in him during the hardest times in Life is the most blessed thing that one person could do. 

God’s Word is very tasty and when we see what he has done, It is good. Yet when we take refuge in him, we are blessed. 

What will you taste of the Lord’s That is good?

What will you see that is Good of God’s?

Have you been blessed by taking shelter in him? 

What joy is there when you taste and see that the Lord is good?

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