This is what my Sunday drive was this past Sunday was like. Snow falling fast sideways and very very bitterly cold outside.  It seems surreal but this is what happened to our drive. A drive that normally takes 10 to 15 minutes going to church took 45 minutes. It was crazy. This is the side passenger view from my side of the car.

In the SW corner of Missouri, it seems unbelievable of the temperatures we encountered during the weekend. We haven’t had  a very cold winter since the 2011 Blizzard. That blizzard was unique and brought some of the same temps we have seen lately. Yet is also is a reminder how God can completely control the weather we have.

After the 2011 Blizzard or Snowmaggeddon  as we SW Missourians called it, the spring was very very wet. Then the 2011 Joplin Tornado hit. The worst part was the drought for 3 years. It has finally released and now we have had a colder winter than we have had in a very long time. It finally was cold. The ground in this area needed the coldness to kill the bugs and many other things that were driving many people crazy.

I also know that coming from this standpoint of a survivor is to have several things ready for children to do. Even when it is way to cold to get out. Many children are bored being out of school. Think of creative ways for them to learn what they are struggling with. Pray that they grasp a further grasp the Word of God.

There are many websites to point every one too.

1. Rachael Wojo – who has an indoor scavenger hunt for children as a free printable

2. Good Morning Girls – has a free Bible Study for you to enroll in, plus you also study the same things your children are studying

3. Bible Study Fellowship – is an international, interdenominational world wide Bible Study, check out the website for a class to join and participate (from birth to grandmas and grandpas)

I know many of us are/have gone crazy or just ready for our children to be back in school. Please let us remember that this time may also be a good resting time to replenish their energy and focus for a full day at school. Children need a few days to rest and enjoy everything. Resting in who God is and what he has done for them.

I challenge everyone to have a conversation at dinner where you talk about what God has done for you and what you pray/hope he will do for you this upcoming season.

What one thing is your prayers for this year?

What special Word has he given you?

What do you hope your child will grasp from God’s Word this year?


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