10 Things to do for Survivors in the New Year


Here are 10 ideas to do for survivors in the New Year!

1. Pray for the survivors in your area, whether it be fire or a natural disaster. They need prayers and loves for them.

2. Help a family through your local church who needs help, as a survivor of a fire or any other type of natural disaster.

3. Get the children belated Christmas gifts for their holiday season, because the family may not have the means for a good Christmas

4. Help the family with a dinner they don’t have to cook because after salvaging or working on their new home, it would be a wonderful thing not to cook one night or several nights.

5. Find one of their child’s special toy that the child has slept with for their life and replace it.

6. Sign up to help on a Samaritan’s Purse team to rebuild or anything of this nature.

7. Pray a scripture over a survivor you do know personally, and let it be what comes from your heart not one you think should pray.

8. Let God show you what you should pray for the survivors of this world.

9. Give the parents a date night out. I am sure they need the night out, for may reasons. One is to reconnect, two is that they need adult time and such.

10. Love the survivors no matter what.



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