New Years and Survivors


The new year is coming on us quickly and shortly. Yet the new year is a struggle for some survivors. They struggle with every new thing they go through. They struggle with a new routine, temporary home, new everything. Yet even with everything being so brand new, it is always for our benefit. It is to help us break free from the shell we have developed. 

As the new year is upon us, we sometimes make resolutions, and trying to make it better for us, but not realizing we need to help those who are in need. We need to take the time to help those who are need. Sometimes as a Christian we may only be the Jesus someone else sees. Sometimes our love and care for those who have lost everything is what they need. Sometimes their joy needs a little boost by someone who cares for them. 

Survivors train of thought is much different. Yes, they will have their moments remembering what happened, but yet try to direct things to the new positive items. How many times do we see a need and not reach out? What will you do to help those who have a need? What will you give them? A Gift that lasts forever or just a short while? We are the hands and the feet of Christ. We have a responsibility to spread and to take his word out to those who do not know him, and this includes into the communities that have had natural disasters hit there. 

When it seems like there is nothing that you think you can do, why not pray for those who have gone through the disasters? They need this and it helps, let me say from experience. Life in a disaster zone is different. Somethings are the same, and haven’t changed other things have changed. No matter how many times you think you aren’t helping, there is always something to do to help. Life for a survivor takes time to readjust and new routines made. Sometimes it means leading someone to Christ. What will you do this year?

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