Christmas and Survivors Part II

The Holiday Season is truly upon us. We have to rush rush rush all around. Amongst this rushing, we never truly slow down to help those who are in need. We have everything that keeps our attention from the true reason of Christmas. We have so much going on that we have to force ourselves to slow down and remember those less fortunate. The same way for those who are less fortunte it is also the same way for the survivors. Survivors struggle in ways that those less fortunate do also.
The survivors have been through a lot. They have gone through everything, and have lost everything. They have temporary homes, oddly matching furniture, and new or somewhat new things. They have new clothes dishes and such. They are or have been hopefully settled down in their temporary homes, and other things.
  So even admist the disaster, Christmas is now upon us. There is shopping to do, food to buy. Yet what can we do for the survivors? There are many things we can do for them. We can help others through their difficult time.

Christmas is about Jesus not about the gifting extravganza.

Christmas is not about the money but about giving to somone who is much more in need. We are helping the least of these.

Christmas is about the perfect lamb who came for us not about the bonus paychecks.

Christmas is us giving to others, not myself.

Christmas is about being joyful in harsh circumstances not about the what-could-have-been.

Christmas is about following Jesus where’vr we go.

What ever has been acrossed your path remember that those who are hurting, who has one or both parents in prisons, the natural diasaster survivors, those who go to church & those who do not go to church.

What joy would you like to spread to others this holiday season? Where does he want you to serve? Is there a new place he wants you to serve?


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