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Good Morning Everyone! Today it is the last five minute friday until January 3rd, 2014. It is the day whenever we write for five minutes, no grammar checks nor spell check…:-). We will then connect with Lisa Jo Baker @ on Five minute friday.

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Now Go!

Relfect. We reflect so much at the end of the year that we truly forget who has brough us through many things. We have reflected over what God has done and what he will do for us in the future.  So I now write mine.

I am reflecting over the past three years. I have survived an EF5 Tornado that hit Joplin Missouri. I lost so much but gained so much through God’s Word and how he has provided for me in ways that I could have never imagine. I was married at the end of the year and how blessed I am to have such a loving husband.

I relfect on how God brought me into leadership in BSF. It was a unique way that He did. Now I treasure my moments teaching children the Word of God. I didn’t realize how precious it is to me now. I have learned to rely on God when teaching, even when there are times you struggle to keep their attention. Yet as you reflect that they are learning. I remember hearing one child who was singing a new hymn, worshipping God.

Reflections that God has brought me through. He Has helped me go through many new circumstances and yet totally depend upon Him. So much more too. I was called for jury duty(stop) and I was a wreck. I had to ask for peace for prayer. And yes it was given to me. I am thankful for what he has given me. Given me much more strength and everything.

Even in the most trying circumstances this past year it has been hard. My family and I have made it only by the grace of the One True King. We have made it. We will make only by His grace and mercy. He will provide for us in way unimaginable. He will do it for you to.

What reflections do you want to write about?

How Has God been with you in your hard times?

What relfection stands out the most that you see God in?


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