Christmas and Survivors

Christmas time can be a time of the year where they survivors struggle the most. They have lost their home and their routines. Having the loss of a home is not always easy by any means. The survivors sometimes struggle with the Holiday season coming up. Some even struggle with depression or flashbacks.

Families are beginning to make new family traditions in their family. They have been through a lot and are slowly rebuilding their lives. They are getting new stockings to hang on the mantle with care. New nativity scenes for their tree and symbolic Christmas items as well.

What is it like from a survivors perspective?

This is very bittersweet from a survivors perspective. They have a new life. New Time Frame and everything that goes with it. They live in a temporary home. They have new/old toys from families who have given it to them. Many things. Yet this can be such a time of blessings too.


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