The Holidays & Surivivors

 The holidays are now upon us. The Christmas Season is upon is, and everyone is out trying to snag this great deal that they saw in the Black Friday Ads. The holiday seasons is a time for us to be with family, not out shopping to snag this great deal. We are only here for a little bit but the we leave.

What impact do you want on your family?

What are you doing to help guide your family through the Holiday season and focus on Christ?

At this Thanksgiving Season slowly comes to a close remember that we have to have gratitude. As a Survivor, our gratitude is much more deep than those who have yet to go through their disaster. A disaster changes your perspective on everything. The thankfulness should be year round not just one day of the year. Every day. Everyday we should find things we are thankful for.

I would love to challenge my readers to a 30 days of Thanksgiving for a month – and yes you get to pick your month that you would love to do your 30 days of thanksgiving.

When we are thankful for what the Lord has given us, we will never be thankful when we have everything we need and nothing changes. When life throws us the curveball, we need to be ready to give thanks no matter what.

The survivors in Illinois are at the moment where it is bittersweet but yet they are giving thanks for what God has bought them through. Life may have thrown them the curveball but they are taking it in strides. Strides that Joplin, Tuscaloosa and Moore are taking. They know what it is like to be very thankful. Thankful for their life, children and now their temporary homes.

As the disaster moves away, please let us not forget those who have gone through them all. They still need our prayers. If you are able to get something on black Friday, try to find something that you could donate to others who need it more than you.

Get items that they need, what if you receive a giftcard from shopping? Would you be willing to donate it to a survivor who needs it more than you?


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