Thanksgiving and Survivorship

Dear Survivor,

    Well it is your first Thanksgiving in the temporary home that you are living in. This is a time for blessing. A time to rejoice. I know that there are times you still struggle Decorating and Survivorshipwith things, and yes this is normal. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, and yes for you as a survivor it is a time to be thankful and praising God for what he has brought you through.

  This time yes is difficult but when you look at the picture God is painting with your family and your strength please count it as a blessing. A blessing that is so unbelievable. A blessing to be thankful. Thanksgiving is a time to remember that Christ is the one who has helped us through all our troubles and everything.

   I know also for the fact that it is bittersweet too. You aren’t in your old home, you don’t have everything you once had, but God granted you so much more than this. He granted you life and joy, and a new story to tell with your survivor story. Don’t get so worked up in the day that you forget to honor and be thankful for what God has blessed you with. There is such blessing in the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.

   Thanksgiving, is a unique holiday, being so close to Christmas (which will be addressed soon!), for we honor those who came to america and were Thankful to the Indians and God for bringing them through such hard circumstances. God will bring you through these hard times that when you remember them years from now, there will be praise on your mouths. PRaise to the King who has brought you through.

    Remember the Bible story of the Passover? Where God sent the angel of death to Egypt, where all the Israelites painted blood on their doorposts so that they will be passed over? This is similar to many of your expereinces, God spared your family to tell such a story. Where he has brought you from your Egypt to your Promised Land. A joy and celebration should be ensued because of this. Your delieverance from the Disaster is certainly the handiwork of God.

    I know many will also not even understand what you have gone through. I know that from experience myself but yet it is what is in their heart that may block them from understanding. Those who have been outside of the disaster zones will hopefully one day realize why you have walked through the hardest moments in your life.  You will be able to witness to those who are standing on the outside giving them the reason you were given a new perspective on life.

What will you choose to be thankful for this year as a survivor?

What praises to God will you praise Him for?

What will you tell your children in the years to come?

How will you let God use your story to honor and glorify him?

What is the most blessed times you will share with your family?


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