The Journey Part I

      I began writing the hope journey blog after the Joplin Tornado destroyed my childhood home. I never even realized how much the stories would touch my readers lives, and yet this journey has not been an easy journey. It took everything O knew. It took every thing I knew of from routines to everything else.
       A tornado is a yearly occurance in the midwest. It happens every spring. As survivors we face the reality every spring along with sirens. These sirens are to help us take shelter and hoping to buy us some leeway in taking shelter. Severe storm season is from sometime in April to a little past the first part of July. I remember the storm blowing a transformer and the electricity being out for at least 24 plus hours. Yes, there has also been some severe weather in the cold months of November & December.
        I understand the hardness and harshness of the realities after a devastating tornado. The pictures never truly do it justice because they are 2D but never 3D. It looks bad, but looks much worse in person. The survivors look at it at a daily basis, but we are so far from the destruction we don’t realize it. Yet those who have gone through a deveastating tornado, such as Tuscaloosa, Moore, Joplin, know and understand the pictures. The process is hard but yet they will process it at a different speed.
       The storm has survivors rebuilding their lives in the middle of the holiday season. Right before Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Holiday Season. A time when everyone is going to and from shopping. Yet the survivors will be grieving during this time. They have struggles now. Struggles that go deeper than just by looking. The survivors have the cold to deal with as they pick their lives back up.
    A storm can take everything but it cannot take your strength & dignity. The weather can delay the salvage process.

  What will you do to help a survivor?
   How will you help them fly to the heavenly Father?

   What is your prayers for the survivors?


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