Five Minute Friday: Fly

Good AFternoon, and it is Five minute Friday Day @ Lisa Jo Baker. This is the day in which several of join together and write for five minutes with not stopping, not checking grammatical, nor of anything else. Yet we also join in with other on and encourage bloggers.


Today’s Prompt:



Fly, is a simple word with many complex things. It could mean to fly on an airplane or the fly in the house that is driving you banana’s. Yet fly is totally different to each one of us. Sometimes we want to fly away into our dream world to get away from problems. We want to day dream where we could be instead of where we are. We want to fly away to get away from the disaster our lives our in.

Even with the fact that we want to fly away from our problems, but God walks with us even when we want to fly. Problems that are hard and difficult to walk through. Problems that we can’t see the end of the tunnel. Flying away from things isn’t what we are supposed to. We need to actually fly toward our saviour and allow Him to help us fly through what the world keeps throwing in our face.

In the beginning of the disaster, you want to fly away from everything, including people. Yet God has other plans for your flying and that is to face them directly. Not indirectly. Fly to the Father who gives you comfort in this time of your life. Fly to Him who will provide for your many things, from temporary homes to other places. Fly to him by taking your problems to Him, not to your friends. Fly to His Word and take it in each day. Fly. Fly.

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