Prayer for the Illinois Survivors

It now our turn to pray for those who have been hit by the recent tornadoes. Yet for those who are not a Midwest native, tornadoes happen during the spring, and late summer. It is not always the case with Indiana, Illinois and Ohio.


Tornadoes honestly do not give us much time to take shelter, the average is 13 minutes to take shelter. The Weather Channel and other meterologist want to lengthen that time. A time that would benefit others.

Yet this is isn’t why I am writing this post. The survivors need our prayers desperately.

1. Pray for the first responders still as they continually go through the neighbourhoods, house by house.

2. For the Police that they can keep order in the streets

3. For the Firefighters enable them to find others throughout the neighbourhoods

4. For children to be reunited with their parents

5. For parents to be reunited with their parents

6. For insurance companies to be forthright with their customers

7. For Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Blessing and Convoy of Hope to be on the ground as soon as they can

8. For families to salvage anything they can, before the cold truly sets in

9. For a National Disaster Photo Rescue to be set up As Soon As Possible

10. For media to help the Christians show where we can pray for the survivors

11. For the right churches to step up and be hosts to several organizations

12. For the nation to pray for the survivors of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio Surivors

13. For Bible Study Fellowship International Classes to connect from Headquarter, to Area Teams, to Class staff and finally to members of the class

14. For the health of everyone in the disaster zone

15. For the volunteers to be sensitive to the Survivors needs

16. For survivors to sleep well (a must need for good rest)

17. For the right temporary homes for each survivor and their families

18. For God’s Hand to be on the local churches and their pastors

19. For city officials to step to the next level in the rebuilding

20. For the newspapers to have wisdom in what they print

21. For Employers to have compassion on the survivors who work for them

22. For Employers to take the next step in helping with the survivors whether they provid counceling or anything else

23. For the co-workers to display compassion to their fellow co-workers

24. For those mourning a loss of a loved one from the storm, that you will calm their hearts and give them a peace.

25. For Thanksgiving to be a true time of Thankfulness to God and all that He has done for them

26. For Christmas to be a time of focus on the Baby Jesus not on material things

27. Pray for those dating couples that they have a much stronger bond than anything else

I know I have 27 things to pray for, but this is all right now. If you want to continue to pray for the towns you can pray these from Joplin and from moore: 31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri & 31 Days of Prayer for Moore Ok.

Donation wise This is whom to give to: Organizations who take donations for Storm Survivors

Here is a Bible Study For children about Fear of Tornadoes: God’s Peace = My Peace, GriefLessonSeries

Scriptures for Tough Times: Bible Verses for the Tough Times Ahead (1), Psalm 91

These Are the Following Blogs I am Linking up to: A Holy Experience, Create W/Joy, The Modest Mom & A Proverbs 31 Wife





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