Tree — Five Minute Friday

Good Morning everyone! Today is Five Minute Friday and Welcome! Today is the day I join with Lisa Jo Baker and We write for five minutes on a topic. There is no editing whatsoever, not even a backspace or anything of this nature. Then we post them on Lisa Jo Baker and visit to encourage other bloggers.

Today’s Prompt:




I grew up in home that had two huge trees in the backyard. We (my brothers and I) played hard underneath them whether it was muddy or not. We even had a fort underneath the biggest tree. We had parties underneath it. Sitting in front of the fire underneath the Oak tree. Oh what a wonderful way for my brothers,sister and I grow up under this large tree.  Then the storm hit. This tornado took away what I knew to be. The large tree was not even back there. It was gone. It was the shade on a hot day. It was neat with snow and ice on it. It even sheltered a dogwood tree in its arms.

I miss seeing this tree too. It reminds me of how powerful our God is. He made everything. He made this tree to be in the backyard I grew up in, but it is now a bowl in my living room. A bowl to remember my childhood after an EF5 tornado struck my town.


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