We are coming up on the month where we should be very thankful for what we have, and what God has brought us through. Yet on the very tail end of November is the “Gimme’s” Month (December). Yet as I write this, I know in years past I am guilty about wanting this or that (and doing it constantly), but that has changed.

Being a Tornado survivor has changed it. I know I do want this or that but it now takes a while for me to determine whether it is a want or a need. I thank God for my family and how God provided such a way to keep everyone safe in such a hard, harsh storm to my hometown.

The tornado taught many people that being thankful is a very detrimental part of our lives.

We live for Christ but not for the World.

We reach out to those in need.  

Samaritan’s Purse (, Disaster team was here in Joplin Missouri after the tornado for most of the summer, and for 2 years for the rebuilding of several homes in the Disaster area. DId you know they take shoeboxes filled with items to those who live in third world countries?

Samaritan’s Purse, has many aspects of ministry.  From disaster relief to providing boxes for children in third world countries. They reach out to those who need Christ. Reaching out to the lost world. In essence being the salt out of the Salt Shaker. (Matthew 5 – Sermon on the Mount).

I have learned that thankfulness can go a very long way.

Thankfulness for a new family.

Thankfulness for my husband and stepdaughter.

Thankfulness for my family.

Thankfulness for life.

Thankfulness for eternal life.

As salt and light of the world we are to be out and about sharing not just hanging out with all our saltshaker friends but to go and flavor the world with God’s Love and Care. We bring our salt and flavor places that need to be flavored with the love of God. I know I was a salt in a place where there was maybe only one other grain of salt.

Where are you going to be salt to?

Who needs the salt to heal wounds?

Who needs the salt to restore?


What do we need to do as light to the world?

We are a light to shine other’s to Jesus. We shine brightly and we don’t cover our light. We have to be the light to bring other’s to Christ. How are you bringing others to Christ? How have you shined light in dark places? Who do you shine brightly to?

Thankfulness, light, and salt. Three things that are important. We need to be thankful to God in everything he has given us. Salt to the world who needs the flavor of Christ. Light to the world who needs to shine to light the way to Christ.

Let me leave you with these words:

We thank you loving father for all your love today, and sending Christ the Saviour to take our sins away. (We thank you loving father, BSF Preschool Hymn 2013-2014)