Together Poem


Together to Worship.

Together to Praise.

Together to confess.

Together as one.

Together under the blood of Christ.

Together as a family.

Together as a couple.

Together as a single.

Together as a christian.

Together we worship the One True King.

Together we sing praise to the One True King.

Together we learn from God‘s True Word.

Together we glean from His Word.

Together we struggle in this difficult world.

Together we learn and know our SAviour.

Together we pray.

Together We unite as one.

Together we fight the spiritual battles.

Together as a church.

Together as one.

Together to bring others to Know Christ.

Together we strain toward the goal.

Together we learn His Ways.

Together in His Kingdom.

Together we reach out to the unsaved.


Together in Ministry.

Together we help others.

Together we show His Love.

Together we show His Compassion.

Together we bond in the one of love.


Together walking through the valleys of shadow of death.

Together at the tables in the presence of my enemies.

Together loving the hard people.

Together loving those who persecute you.

Together praying.

Together praying for hard hearts.

Together praying for the lost.


What is together to you?

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