Grace — Five Minute Friday

Today it is five minute friday where many bloggers come together to write on a topic. We write for five minutes straight with no grammer checking nothing whatsoever to slow us down. We then all go and place our blogs on Lisa Jo Baker and read each others right? Sounds Simple, and unique, but interesting all at the same time.

Today’s Prompt:


Now Go!

Charis (the greek word for grace) is such a wonderful gift to us. God’s grace is such a blessing to Christians and who love to extend Grace to others. It may seem crazy but life which has our sinful nature but God’s grace is very rich and free. So given to us in which we do not deserve.

Grace is something we need to give to others when we don’t deserve it or they do not deserve it. It may sound crazy but it isn’t. It is free from God.


365. Grace Greater than Our Sin

Text: Julia H. Johnston
Music: Daniel B. Towner
Tune: MOODY, Meter: 99.99 with Refrain

1. Marvelous grace of our loving Lord, grace that exceeds our sin and our guilt! Yonder on Calvary's mount outpoured, there where the blood of the Lamb was spilt. Refrain: Grace, grace, God's grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within; grace, grace, God's grace, grace that is greater than all our sin! 2. Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold, threaten the soul with infinite loss; grace that is greater, yes, grace untold, points to the refuge, the mighty cross. (Refrain) 3. Dark is the stain that we cannot hide. What can avail to wash it away? Look! There is flowing a crimson tide, brighter than snow you may be today. (Refrain) 4. Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, freely bestowed on all who believe! You that are longing to see his face, will you this moment his grace receive? (Refrain)

This hymn that was placed into the blog is one that mind recalled instantly from my childhood. I remember singing this song in chruch many times. I remember some of my spots i sang with my family with this song.

God’s grace is so much greater. He gives us grace in so many unexpected mishaps which we call sin.

Sin is a part of our lives and human nature, if it was not for the cross and his mercy and grace we as Christians would be like the rest of the world. Grace. An unexpected gift, but it is like a pardon which also (stop) cleanses us.

How will you extend Grace to those who need it?

How will you tell others of Jesus’ death?

How will you tell other’s about the Grace of God?

What is your choice?

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