Together with Christ

Together with Christ and the Church

Together as a couple

Together as a family

Together serving the church.

Together reaching out to the lost.

Together. The church does many things together. We get together as salt in a saltshaker so we can go out and share and flavor the world. We are a unit who work as one. We work to bring others to Christ. Yet sometimes God has to break someone to realize that His relationship with God goes before family or career. There is a healing process that goes on in this. He heals us of whatever we need to be healed on or to rediscover who Christ is in a whole new light.

The church does together, not seperately but together for the same purpose and reason. I know when it is hard for a pastor to resign, but God’s purpose will be glorified in it. Yes it may not be what we want, because of our human nature, but this is God’s Will and He is working. This is part of Growing in Christ. Each and everytime he prunes us it is intended for our growth. We grow when this pruning has taken place. God intends us to be much more flavor to the world than we are now.

Together to unite as one.

Together under Christ.

Together to spread the Gospel.

Together to grow.

Together as a couple.

Together to worship.

Together as one.

Each time we are being pruned and cut by God, He grows us up in Him beyond measure. I know this for sure. He has pruned me to be where I am today. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I worked in a place that pruned me for the Leadership areas I needed and then the Door was shut. What God had in store for whatever reason I don’t know. Let me get back to this pruning business. When we are pruned/cut off and regrafted where he wants us he expects us to grow in Him. He expects us to unite with other Christians and grow.

When the resignation of a pastor happens, It is to grow the church and let God show His mighty work. I have seen God already work in the Church I go to, and He will continue to do these mightily things. We have just be willing to be shaped like He wants us to be shaped and broken if necessary, I know that this time period maybe sad but remember the memories and everything with it. Continue the tradition of how God made our church unique in the areas he did.

Together as a church.

Together as one.

Together with Christ.

Together to flavor the World.


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