10 Reasons for Thanksgiving



This Top ten post is about my ten reasons for thanksgiving and what I am thankful for. Yet being this far out in the survivor recovery phase, it is much more meaningful to me now.

1. Jesus Christ, my Lord and SAviour who has walked with me this path and will continue to walk this path with me.

2. My husband, Mark, for loving me  for who I am, not what He can mold me to but for who I am.

3. A new home, a home finally where I can make it my own and slowly work out the multi transitions i have been in for a very long time.

4. My stepdaughter bug who is a joy in my life and so much more.

5. My  Bible Study Fellewship (www.bsfinternational.org)  Friends who have been with me for several years. Who have studied at starbucks before class (I miss that but am enjoying leadership responsiblities)

6. My Church — Forest Park (www.forestpark.tv) who has been behind all the survivors who have lost their homes. Who helped us get the things we have needed to  many things.

7. Mission Joplin, (www.forestpark.tv) a place for survivors and those in need to continue to help them get back onto their feet. To let them know who loves them and everything.

8. To a very few co-workers where I used to work, thank you for the kindness and understanding of the struggle I have been going through. May one day you will truly know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.

9.  Gungor, the Christian Band, who wrote the Song, Beautiful Things, who knew that God can make beautiful Things out of the Dust and making me new. Yes, for the wonderful song to walk out of on my wedding day 2 years ago in Dec.

10. David Crowder Band, for the song O how He loves, a wonderful song of how Jesus truly loves us. He truly loves us no matter what. It was the perfect Song for My Bridesmaids to walk in on my Wedding day!

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Many Little Blessings



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