Ordinary and The Survivor



Ordinary days are long gone from  a survivor during the first few days months and sometimes years to a survivor of a natural disaster. They have a lot to get back to the ordinary days they once knew. This also doesn’t come easy.

Ordinary days for them is like yearning for what was and what they once had. Routines, family life, and includes personal treasures and belongings. These are now day that are nostaligia. They have flitted away like the bygone eras have gone by.

What can I do to help them to get back to having ordinary days you may wonder….

There are many things to do for you to help them with the bygone days. The ordinary days. Be a listener to them. Listen to the old stories they have once had. Listen to the children and what they need. Sometimes a listening ear is needed. We need to be meek and humble when doing so. Not someone who is telling them to get over it. I will say that this is on way to deter them away from you and your trying to help them.

The survivor yearns for such ordinary days that it isn’t even funny. Sometimes you will catch us with a certain look in our face or eyes remembering something that had happened when we lived at our former place. We have memories that will not leave us including that night of the natural disaster. Sometimes it does throw us off. Sometime even under the bus. You never know.

Being almost 3 years (7 more months) out from the Joplin Tornado disaster, many of the areas are still blank in the disaster zone. Yet God knows what they are to be. Someday they will be very vibrant neighborhoods again. Children will be playing again, and going up and down hills on bikes, scooters and a whole lots of things. Forts in the backyards. Forts in Trees. Vibrancy to where there is not a trace of what had happened.

Yet this city will always remember how God showed up mightly and displayed his presence. He sent his angels. His angels for his precious children. They were there that night. There are many stories of His presence with Angels throughout the city of joplin. Yet we cannot express in words what it was like.

Psa 91:11 (NIV) 11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;

Ordinary comes extraordinary when stories come out of disaster situations where they share what God has done. Yet this helps them get back the ordinary routine and everything in their lives.

Ohhh So much is hard after a disaster in many aspects but when you look to God throughout the whole ordeal, it seems that ordinary is right there. Right in there while he is with you in your troubles. In your hardships. He brings the ordinary with Him, No matter what.

What will you choose to do?

How will you choose to bring the ordinary to someone?

How will you bring God in to such a harsh situation and make it ordinary?

He is the one who makes it the inordinary to the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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