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Today is the day in which I get to participate in the 5 minute writing session of Lisa Jo Baker. Where we join together to write for 5 minutes on a topic, no edits or backspacing but true writing to the best of our ablilities.

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Laundry the most delightful household chore in my home. Something that I dreaded doing when younger and in college, but now as a stepmother and a wife I no longer dread it. Laundry may seem like the dreaded chore, but as wives we are to serve our families. We serve because we love them. We serve because we care. It enables us to be meek (humble and Gentle).


Why meek and laundry? Being humble is not easy for us in our human form. For we have a sinful desire of being proud and an attitude I don’t enjoy doing it. According to Jesus in Matthew 5: 1-12, the Beatitudes are a characteristics of who we are to be in Him. Even if it means doing laundry. Meek, Merciful, Poor in Spirit, etc… all of them help us to display his light to our families even when we have to do laundry. Laundry is vital to our families just as it was in the Bible Times. Yet they didn’t have what we have today. Some people still don’t have what we have today.

We are Blessed (or to congradulate) to have our washing machines and dryers to do our laundry. Yet there are some who don’t have what we have to do their laundry. Some have a 19(stop)50’s washing maching with other ammenties back to this era and some do it the old-fashioned way.

What do you choose to do?

Will you allow the laundry as a ample time to pray, preparing your household for the next week?

Pray for joy, fun, and everything else inbetween for your family.

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