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Today it is Five Minute Friday @ Lisa Jo Baker. It is where many bloggers gather together and write on a prompt. Setting the Timer for 5 minutes without going back and checking the grammar, backspace or anything of that nature.

Today’s Prompt is:


Ordinary. What is ordinary? Simple yet content. What about the disciples Jesus first called in Matthew 4? These men were ordinary fishermen. Yet he would make them into fishers of men. Well how is that? He has made ordinary people into fishers of people. What may seem just ordinary to us God was using to make extraordinary. He chose men who were simple and could reach the people with their lines of work. He called Fishermen, tax collectors, and everything in between.

Yet He does the same thing with us. He has us as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Teaching God’s True Word on thrusdays is fun and exciting but he takes ordinary people from all walks of life to teach His word. He gives us the Power of the Holy Spirit to make the ordinary seem extraordinary. Simple ordinary men and women sharing His word from the time He called the first disciples.

Oridinary when things are just simple and plan to transformed extraordinary. God (stop) works to make the ordinary work we do to come out to his glory, not ours. We are his messengers ordinary people from all walks of life giving out His word. To children, Youth, Young Adults, Adults and Senior Citizens.

If you are interested in learning more about God’s True Word and want to see if a  Bible Study Fellowship class is near you please go here: http://www.bsfinternation.org .

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