True – Five Minute Friday

Good afternoon everyone! Today is five minute friday where I normally particiapate in a prompt that is given and I have five minutes to write on one word prompt. I cannot go back change or do anything of this nature. Then I go over to: Lisa Jo Baker and place my blog on her page so others can read it.

Today’s Prompt:



True, what is true to you? What is true to me? I know God‘s Word is true, and it is true in every cirucumstance of our lives. It has not let anyone down nor will it. It is true because God wrote it. He wrote it so we can learn and live by his True Word. He is the One True King who lives forever and ever. There is no one like this one True King. He was Here in the beginning (Genesis 1:1-3, John 1:1-3) and he will continue to be here. He is true with what he says to us. Clinging to the One true God is what can get us through life’s Circumstances, Through hardships, and most of all bring us closer to Him.
What Is True to you?
God's True Word
Is God’s True Word your life line?
True in every circumstance. True with the survivor of a natural disaster, A survivor of abuse. True with children who see who God is truly. True in everything. The world has sin, and Jesus and God are the only truth/true thing to stand and to stand forever.
No matter how hard circumstances throw you, even if that loop is hard. Will you look to the one true God? His True Word for those hard things in your life?
Will you Trust the one True King? His word are written in the Bible, The True and Living Word of God!
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