A Letter to the Flood Survivors of Colorado

Dear Colorado Survivors,

Reminder of God's Covenant not to flood the earth again. (via my mom Julie)

Reminder of God’s Covenant not to flood the earth again. (via my mom Julie)

   I know that things have been very difficult for you and your families. Many of you have lost many dear keepsakes and treasures. Many of you have lost your jobs and everything. Yet there is one who can help you through this all. This person knew when it would happen when you would lose it. He knew about it from even before you were born.

   I also know that these weeks since the flood have been hard too. Salvaging what you can and in some instances unable to salvage what you want to. Some your homes are just totally gone. Some have nothing left. I know that too.

  Many times as a survivor you feel helpless, but do not fear, You are a survivor and you will be enabled to overcome this tradgedy just like Joplin, Moore, Tuscaloosa and every place that has been hit by a natural disaster. There are people who want to help you. They are councelors who will listen and pray with you. God will bring you through this.

  To those who have little ones. Remember getting your family into a temporary place is good. The children need many securities, including blankies, pasifiers, and many other comforting items. Home is where the family is. Not a house. Home is family period. Home is where we reach out to others and bring them in.

   To the ciities working so diligently. As many of you are working around the clock to help your cities. Keep working that your citizens are safe, but make choices that will help your small city or small town grow. Even when it seems so helpless, reach out to the survivors and bring them into what the plans are. Do not let anyone tell you one thing and then do something you do not expect. If FEMA needs to get temp homes there, then be bold and gracious telling them we need temp homes here quickly not within the 5-6 month waiting period.

  Survivors you are not victims, but Survivors. You will endure this with strength. Lean on God and He will direct you path. (Proverbs 3.5-6) He is the one true God who is with you each and everyday we need him to be. He  will let you cry when you need to cry. When things are frustrating.

   To those who wish to volunteer. Remember you are not going in for your glory, but for glorifiying God. You are there to help not to tell them what to do. Listen to their stories, and have an opening ear not a closed one. Volunteers may be the hands and the feet of a Survivor, but a true volunteer listens to the stories behind what was salvagable to what wasn’t salvagable. They know when to speak when to listen and when to talk.

What are you wanting to do to help colorado?

What is God placing on your heart to do?

How will you reach out to those who have been hurt by them?

What joy will you bring to the children?

What will you do to help them in this trying time?

Remember Colorado has had 2 natural disasters, fires and now this flooding. Whom will you pray for? Whom will you give to?

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