Provision and Trusting God in the Job Search Time

 I wrote this sometime ago, when God just had me writing. Sometimes I don’t understand why when inspired that he wants us to write out our thoughts and what we feel. I am more vulnerable in this post than I have been about being a survivor.


Even in the Midst of hard times. God has always been here. He has seen us through the hard times, and will continue to see us through the hard times. Even in our moments of struggle, He is the Jehovah Jireh, God who is our provider. Even in these moments he is working on placing me in the right Enviroment. He is placing all the right people there so I can witness to them plus he will fine tune my schedule to our families needs and my leadership responsiblilites  to both church and BSF. He knows that we both need the right job for our small family unit. He created us to be together for a reason, but yet getting from Point A to Point B is rather difficult, but with God on our side He will get us through. Sometimes even in the hardest of all moments, he comes to shine his light in the direction we ought to go. His direction not ours. 

Sometimes, even with God working in the background, and we then chose not to wait but to go our own direction. Yet it is the wrong direction, and we have determined our way is better than His way. But yet His way is better than ours. It is wrong and we choose not to seek him for that way. When unfortunately His way is better than ours. Even when things spiral out of control He always manages to pull us back into his arms. 
Jesus told us when speaking to the people, reminding them not to worry for the Father knows our every need. He wants us to truly depend upon him even when there is nothing. Even when we have very little finances in the bank we need to trust Him and watch and see what he will provide for us. Even when we are in a pinch — He will provide. A life full and trusting of our Heavenly Father, and this in our hardest of times. 

         There are moments when struggling is a part of life. Sruggling to where we soley depend on God. Learning to trust God with whatever part time Job there is. Yet to allow God to fulfill the calling. I know we have been financially tight, but yet there will be blessings coming forth from This. He is our shepherd and our guide. It does seem never-ending but God Will grant us a blessing we do not see coming. Jesus told us not to worry for he knows our needs He knows them. He knows the need of the finances, but the timing is His not ours. His timing brought us together, and His timing will be for the right part time job

    Learning for me is to have children know God’s Word and to prepare for Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday’s but also for my family to grow deeper in His Word. A yearning to see my family know and depend upon Him rather than our own Strengths. Missing the family devotions/family worship time we had begun but stopped. It was so nice to see us all learning to apply His Word. To see the 2 of you grow. 

    As I place applications around town. All I know is that God wants me to trust Him. He knows the part time job I need, including the hours I want. I am praying for Favour in the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Friday and part of Saturday for 20 hours. Pray specifically please. He will answer and guide us. I ask that you will join me in this specific request. We would be coming in front of our Heavenly Father in one but not two different requests. 

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