A Christmas Gift for Rose By Tricia Goyer Book Review

Depression Era, a four-year old, Englischers, Amish, family and Adoption. So many different aspects of what is put into a novella. A novella that is so worthy to ready, and yes it is encouraging.

Christmas Gift For Rose

Rose is an adoptee from the Great depression. Originally born into an Englisch family not an Amish Family. She is struggling for identity during this time. She is struggling for the fact that her love was a medic in World War II and wondering if they will ever become hitched. A neighbor of theirs, has returned home from being on the war front in the Pacific Theatre, and is wounded. There is much deeper wounds in both men, one Amish and one  Englisch.

Rose, who is a sweet girl, who has always been loved by both of her families. She was abandoned by Her Englisch parents at the Yoder doorsteps after they left for the west to find more work during the Great Depression. She was a very young child, and could remember only the Yoders but not her biological Family.

So so much to tell of this great novella, and it has been a privilege to review this book. It has everything you want in it, from mystery, PTSD, Struggling with you are, and reconciliation.



Books are meant to speak to the heart and soul. Sometimes it is drawing us in to another era. Sometimes it is realizing that we have the same feelings as the main character. Yet in many instances God can speak to us through books and what God wants the Author to give out to others. With several different stories going on with how they relate to the Yoders whether they are Englisch or Amish, it all goes back to why was Rose adopted.  Why this fancy Englisch Apron with her name on it? Why this or Why that? I could sit here and just give a spoiler but I don’t want to at all. It doesn’t seem fair but I can however tell you. Purchase the book or check it out from the Library. Here is your Information: The Christmas Gift for Rose, by Tricia Goyer, ISBN: 9780310336785 (<– Need this information for a bookstore or @ the library) . Whatever your choice is. I beg you to come find out about Rose’s Family and how she came to the Yoders, and what God’s Plan and his glory for her life was to be.

It is worth the short read in the afternoon or just logglygaggling the way through it for a day or two.

 ( I received it from Litfuse for my honest Review).