Hanging Like New

   My Old Childhood bedroom no longer exists, and I am no longer able to go back to my childhood bedroom. This bedroom of mine had been mine since about the age of 13.childhoodhome1 I was able to pick the color, bedspread and everything else. Yet this all changed the night of 22 May 2011 when the EF5 tornado destroyed it. The room I had no longer existed nor could I go back and sleep in the room. Even in the EF5 tornado certain things were gone. Jewelry was one of them, besides my books. All were placed in a certain spot in my room.  You would have thought that the twister would have taken other items, but this is not the case. It took many other jewelry and their books. Many it took what they considered valuable. Yet we have each other. The things don’t matter, but the families matter so much more than anything else.

Well unfortunately this is a celebratory post alongside a post of remembering my childhood bedroom . A Room that I loved despite all that was in it.

A room I called my own. A room for me to read in.  A room to enjoy friends in.  A room to house my sister in law in when my brother Caleb wasn’t married and smelling the chocolate in her coat.  A room in which I stored my jewelry in unique places. A place where I could go and be myself.  A room to sleep and rest and relax in after a stressful day after work.

oldchildhoodbedroom2This is my old bedroom not the best shot but the reason why I wrote today’s Blog. Simple is as simple does. The jewelry box was a christmas gift from my parents 2 years before the tornado destoryed my childhood bedroom. This was where is was set upon the dresser, but wasn’t found there the next day after the tornado. It was found on the floor with little water damage, yet filled with insulation. It seems that this is okay and salvagable. It was a joy to find it. Also on that day I found several of my jewelry but not all of it.

This may seeming be meaningless to others but this is why I can celebrate it. Amazingly enough I have somewhat filled it with Jewlery. I am happy that I have some of it but not all of it. For all I know it is blown from here to timbutu.

I can not express the excitment of my jewelry box finally hanging. Hanging with all my jewelry, yes there is some what damage, some dents and dings. Yet those will not change, and I will not get a new jewelry box because it means so much to me.

Hanging2My Jewelry box is now hanging in my new home and it looks so nice. It is now beginning to feel like our home and bedroom. To me it also means a step in decorating in the home. It feels so nice and life is coming forth so much more than it should.

Will you pray for survivors as they get the little items in order?

Will you pray for those who have lost so much more than the jewelry?

Will you pray for joy in the Tornado and Natural disaster survivors?

Will you pray for the Survivors to become saved by the Lord Jesus Christ?

Will you pray for a new joyous life to be forth coming from Surivors?

Will you pray for those who have a hard heart and not affected by the storm?

Will you celebrate in the littlest celebratory acts?

What Has God Called you to do?

Here are 2  31 days of prayer that are meant to be used together for praying for survivors:

31 Days of Prayer for Moore Ok

31 Days of Prayer for Joplin Missouri



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