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Worship. Worship is so very important in the Christian walk. We should be worshipping God daily. Worshipping each and every time. It shouldn’t matter at all what time of day nor what day it is as long as we worship the Lord. He is the only one true God. He is a jealous God. A Consuming Fire. WorshipWorship is to be of the heart. The heart is what shows who we truly are. Worship is something we need to do daily no matter what. Whether you sing hymns, modern worship or BSF preschool hymns. It doesn’t matter as long as you have attention directly torward Him. He knows all and wants our consuming attention.

The World tries to distract us from what is truly important, but we have to realise that we are and were made to worship Him. The idols of today are always trying to get our attention no matter which way we look. Looking left and right, but not up. They distract us left and right. We have to give our wholeselves in worshiping him. Whether we have great finances and can do many things, or we cannot do many things financially. There will be blessings coming.


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