A Letter to a Storm Survivor

Dear Storm Survivor,

    What a ride it has been since you have embarked on this journey. childhoodhome1The journey I know it has not been easy, especially this first year. It has been ups and downs since that fateful night or day that the storm took you home and precious belongings. I know I have journeyed down this road in May 2011, and we will be hitting the 3 year mark this next May.

     Yet this storm, made by God, had a reason that it came into the picture. It wasn’t because you were bad or something but it was to be through your story that you will be able to glorify God the Father. He is the one who has planned out your life. He know the plans for you (Jeremiah 29.11). He hasn’t let you down, and He is working in the background to prepare you for the next stage in your life. It seems so monotonous right now, because of everything you have to do. It isn’t easy either. There are days that you struggle, and there are days that you are willing to tell your story.

    Returning to work was one very difficult thing to do. I know, it was for me. It is like you want to curl up and go back to sleep under the covers and just go back to sleep. Fight the depression and the saddness with God’s Word because he is the only one who can help you. He has never let you go. He wants you to tell your story no matter what. Telling your story helps you, and nonetheless it helps you recover. Helping you get on with life no matter the case.

     As a survivor and a woman/man of faith, getting involved in God’s Word is the only thing to help you. There is a Bible Study that is call BSF (http://www.bsfinternational.org) which gets you right into the word and helps you recover because each of the leaders and the women are bathed in prayer. This includes the children, preschoolers to. God’s Word is the healing of the wound that struggles to be healed. It heals supernaturally. It heals the spirit. It heals everyone of us. It heals through the entire struggle you are facing. It may seem to be taking awhile but yet It heals amazingly enough. It heals and you are able to walk again, praising God in everything that you do.

     Even as the journey hurts and the struggles you face. It is only for a fleeting moment in God’s eye, and yet you come through it. Placing our eye on the prize before us and running like never before. Your strength in God is your soul source of energy. I know there are times you have absolutely no energy (yes, I have been there myself), Do not worry because God will give you the energy back and he will help you gain your strength. As far as sleep, let your circadia rythym come back on its own. It will trust me.

       As the year goes onward, there will be many people who have already reached out to you, and many more will. Let them help you. Don’t get discouraged sometimes they just want to listen to you, to pray with and everything. I have had some awesome customers at my former job who helped me in many aspects. They helped get me a new bedspread to other items. They helped finacially to giving me a time and life back into the groove. They cared. Unfortunately there will be supervisors who just want you to be 100% back where you were prior the storm/tornado/natural disaster. That will not be the case either. I hope and pray that you will be able to recover at your job that what I was able to recover at my job. I pray they have people who are willing to talk with you and know you better in helping restore your life.

      As I close with this letter do not give up at all. Not to give up on your job when you are dealing with emotions, and need a good cry. Let yourself cry it will heal you. SIng hymns and or praise songs to help direct your focus to the Lord. Stay tuned into God’s Word in order to give you the peace that passes all understanding. Most of all be thankful for everyday with your family. It will be like Thanksgiving and Christmas each and every day of the year from here on out.

                                                                                                        In Him, A Joplin Tornado Survivor,

           Even Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me. Your road and your staff they comfort me.                                Psalm 23.4


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