It is Football Season Again….For College that is

It is already here again. Football season. I know this is a very very awkward post here in survivorship from a tornado, but survivorship is like a football game. Especially a college football game.

Surviving a Disaster is hard, and there are hard football games, especially when it comes to rival football games. Many assume just walking in you will win the game, but getting cocky about is not going to get you anywhere. The same is for survivorship, and marriage. weddingdressIn one conference in particular, SEC, you play all four quarters hard. In the survivorship modes you have to have a backbone or develop one in the process. Marriage is the same way, we have to give it all we got. We have to be a team together from the beginning to the end. Even when hard things hit us, we have to stick together. We were joined as one, and one we shall be.

Sometimes it seems as if the game could not finish and the players are tired. Yes that happens to us in our family, marriage and jobs. Yet these football players never give up in fact they charge on ahead. Shouldn’t we do the same? Yes we should. We need to charge ahead as if the battle is already won and Victory is ours. It may never be easy but if we trust God and He will grant us the victory to do.

Even while finding a job can be difficult. You have a desire to have a family life, yet God will give you the desire of your heart. He has given me one, thus far, and now I am waiting on number 2 (a part time job). I know in my heart of hearts, and that desire, God will give me. I keep praying without ceasing that He will give it to me. He knows the needs of my family better than I do. He will give me the right part time job with what hours that will benefit my family.

Things may seem hard in the future but God already has the way to  provide. I know he shows up bigh when we need Him the most, and He has done this with me. Even when everything seems not right. God is there working in the right people, the right hours, and the provision for the family. He knows it all. Thankfully we don’t or else we’d see the big huge ginourmous picture. Each and every day He is getting things ready for the job that He is giving me. What it is? I dunno, but He knows. I can trust and depend on Him.

 Even in our marriages we need to trust and depend upon Him. How often do we put our faith aside? Often, but who shows up big when we need Him? God does. Who knows the exact timeing? God Does. Who takes care of His sheep? God does. Our marriages are meant to bind us together, binding us strong, just like the football teams. We are bound by God until death. We are one. Just like the hymn, We are one in the bond of Love. We know that he is the provider for us, and will provide for us at the right timeing, not our timeing but his. I know it is hard to understand, even I don’t get it sometimes, but His timeing is providence in our lives. He is the one who places us together in our lives. He puts us together for a reason, and we find the reason to do what He wants us to do.

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