10 Football Season Family Ideas

Football Season is upon us, and yes it is American Football. Where rivals of different colleges come forth and it can get pretty nasty out there. Yet on the other side, we can use it to build a stronger family. RollTideRoll

1. Watching the football game as husband and wife can get pretty interesting but never discuss anything detrimental during the game. Your spouse is concentrating on their team, and most likely will not pay attention.

2. The football team is a team. Marriage and family should be a team. Not a push-me-pull-me tug of war type in the household.

3. Every family should respect their families teams even if they are in a different conference. Believe me this will help a whole bunch.

4. Enjoy the game with your spouse, even if you do not understand football. Enjoying the game is lots of fun. Understanding the game will come sooner or later.

5. Have company over to enjoy the game, if you cheer for the team, but if not enjoy their game along with yours.

6. College football is the highlight of the Fall Season until January, enjoy the get togethers.

7. If there are 2 conferences playing one day one right after another, watch both teams play. Don’t go do something else when someone else’s team is playing.

8. For the bad calls and we know there are always bad calls in football on both sides. Find a foam piece that in is a rectangle, call it the bad call brick. That way if it is thrown it will not damage the TV.

9. Football is like life. Satan is on the defensive side want to sack you as the quarterback so be on the offensive with God’s Word in your hand ready to defend.

10. Last but not least enjoy the game along with the simple food you have set out to be enjoyed.

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