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Good Friday to Everyone! So Today is the Day I join with Lisa Jo Baker where we will write for five minutes straight with no stops, no grammar checks or anything pertaining to the grammatical rules.

The second step is our given prompt: Lost

Thirdly I will connect with other for five minute Friday @ Lisa jo Baker.

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Lost is being somewhere where you have no clue to go. No bed to call home. Nothing. Survivors go through a time where they are lost and do not know what to do. Yet even as they heal it can take awhile for them to come back from being lost. We are coming up upon the third anniversary of the Joplin Tornado, and yes there are survivors who are lost still. Yet God has another view. He is searching for what is lost. Like the shepherd who went searching for his lost sheep, in order to gain his 100 flock completely back. The young lady who searched for the coin, and literally turned her home inside out to just find the lost coin.

How many times do we discount those who feel lost in the Christian realm, even when they have gone through a natural disaster like a tornado, a superstorm, a hurricane or even an earthquake? God want us to go out and find those who are at a loss. We find them in our everyday lives and we bring them back to God. We bring them back into the fold. A fold where he takes care of them. He loves them, and sacrificed his life for them.

What will you do for the lost?

What will do to help the lost survivors in your area?

Will you pray for them? Will you help them get back on their feet?



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