Decor and Survivors Pt 4

This week has been wonderful as we have been talking about decor and Decorating and Survivorshipsurvivorship. I am thankful you my readers have had a wonderful time reading these posts and I can assure you they have been a blast to write.

Survivorship and decor will come up in every natural disaster situation. They come up in the most unexpected times. They come up when we struggle, and when we are flourishing. Natural disasters are part of our world. They just come. 

What have you bought to decorate your home but have never done anything with it? Are you willing to give it to someone who needs it more than you do?

We have so much, and so much we can give. We need to think about others to when we give and help. This world is not our home we are looking for our true home, not this one. We can help others by giving items such as furniture, new mattresses, picture frames, coffee mugs, and so much more. Something to give to others yet give from your heart. This is not to make anyone feel guilty but remember those who are rebuilding their lives. Rebuilding from the ground up. 

when we have life in Christ, it is a blessing in disguise. We are able to bless those who need at the most unexpected times. We are sinners who are saved by grace. Grace given to us by God. A life and everything else. We give so much to Him, and he expects us to help others. Decorating and helping someone decorate a new place is just one place.

 Will you be willing to help other redecorate their new Homes?

will you be the ear to hear?

Will you help restore their lives to something so unique?

Will you lead others to Christ because you showed them the Way?

what will you do?

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