Decorating and Survivors Pt 3

Survivorship is certainly something. It is something that is for sure. oldchildhoodbedroom2There are many blessing that can come from it. There are survivors who have survived but cannot even purchase a home and so they are awaiting a new apartment and such. These survivors have little or nothing to their name. They have to totally rebuild their life from the ground up. Henceforth they can have little or nothing, and yet there is truly no need to fear. 

Mission Joplin here in Joplin Missouri has been helping families out from the very very beginning of the Joplin Missouri Tornado. This is also a ministry at the church I go to. They have everything from furniture to clothes and everything else. They are there to help those in need and those who have experienced a loss from the Joplin Tornado. They know exactly what to do in order to help families get off their feet. 

I remember myself needing items for the next part of life. A new mattress, and some items to help me until I got married. 

Anyhow. Let me get back to those in need. Decorating for the home can get awfully expensive, but those who are in desperate need have such a unique way to decorate. They know exactly what to do with any type of decor. They shop the sales, and the clearance sales. These sales are sometimes the best Sales ever to help those who are slowly replacing their items from the disaster. They replace everything when they can and how dealing with their circumstances. Life in the aftermath of the tornado is very difficult but much more on the community that doesn’t have much. 

We are to be the light to this community and help them in anyway that we can. It can be hard but so well worth it. 

Mission Joplin  <– Click to see their website

Mission Joplin Email < — click here for their Facebook page and everything. 

Giving back to those who need it the most whether it is a hug, a gift or something is meaningful to those who lost it all. We give out of our hearts. One way is to help others and to be like Christ when we involve ourselves to giving of ourselves. We give of ourselves to help others in need. 

Will you choose to help someone who needs help getting items for their homes?

Are you willing to help those who have been hit by disasters?

What could you buy to help those in need get ready in their new homes?

What would Jesus you to do in order to help others?

What is God pulling at in your heart?

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